Crystal Glen has been breeding Goldens Retrievers in Colorado for over thirty-five years. Our goal is to produce the best all around Golden Retriever: a total dog. We breed to meet the standard, producing a Golden Retriever as it should be: correct in temperament, type & intelligence. We strive for the perfect house pet, but can also as dog that can go in the field on a Sunday morning or attend a dog show and look great for conformation & compete in obedience all on the same day.

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Veronica 6 puppies

all spoken for





Poppy 7 babies Oct 12th!

all spoken for






Stephanie 6 puppies! Ho Ho Ho!

all spoken for




Lindy bred to our special boy Louie!

4 babies born Aug 4, 1 boy 3 girls -

all spoken for


Poppy bred to the most outstanding Karter from B.C. Canada!

10 babies! 5 girls and 5 boys

8/15/11 - all spoken for!



Denali bred to Louie

6 Puppies born Oct.10, 2011

All spoken for!



Cropped2-Framed3.jpg Merry Merry finally got to meet Racer and she is thrilled! 3 pups born May 2010 Details
Framed2.jpg Coral Coral was choosy, but choosy girls choose Banter! 9 pups born June2010 Details



7 babies born July 18th.

9 babies 5/13/09 - went like hot cakes
5 beautiful babies born May 8 2009