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Our Training Program

  • We take a very limited number of baby CG Goldens for training allowing us to give each puppy lots of attention. taking it for walks playtime and training.
  • Your pup learns all basic commands, sit, down, come, stay etc. as well as crate training and the start of housebreaking.
  • The puppy attends training classes and goes to DayCare one time per week. Experiences car rides, city and country walks,visiting stores and friends: thus giving your pup a "world" of experiences
  • Your pup has interactions with lots of people and other dogs. This is designed to make it an easy transition from our home to your home.
  • Basic program is 1-3 months depending on how well you want your pup trained.
  • We do offer a "crash" course of 2 weeks


Testimonials from recent graduates!

Hi Sue!

Bud and Sammy safely arrived in Florida on Tuesday. Sammy is such a good boy. He’s so sweet, smart and of course, gorgeous. Thank you for everything. Your instructions are really helpful and I can’t believe what a quick learner he is. He exceeded my expectations and we’re so happy to have him join our family.

Kelly and I are so thankful for our Christmas gift, Sammy!

As you can see, he is growing like a weed, but he is still as handsome as the day I picked him up, and very well behaved.  Remarkably, to me, Sammy has instantly adapted to me, Kelly and his Florida home.  We all could not be happier how things worked out.

Kelly Palmer


Sadie has been a true blessing to our family!! Thank you Sue for a wonderful gift to us!

Rion Groves


Alfie is an incredible dog. He made friends with an old golden rescue dog that we took care of while a friend was traveling. He loves his toys. We now have a place in the mountains which he loves. He and our daughter’s dog who is also a rescue dog get along great.

Pam Tarquin