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In order to produce the absolute top of line Golden Retriever puppies. We have taken our search throughout the world looking for the finest golden retrievers to breed to. This quest has taken us to Europe, Australia, Canada and back to U.S., looking for the absolute best of the best. This committed to producing only Golden Retrievers puppies of the highest quality shows in our record.

We have Six girls that have been awarded the title of Outstanding Dam. This award is given to females by the Golden Retriever Club of America who have produced progeny of exceptional quality. in 2015 we have our first Outstanding Sire - Louie! And are second Outstanding Sire is just around the corner - Banter will reach that record in 2017. This record is unsurpassed in the Rocky Mountain region.

So if you are looking for a companion Golden Retriever that is backed by such a record and has over 40 years years of knowledge put into each breeding you have come to the right place.

WHAT MAKES US SO SPECIAL: Our breeding philosphy is a bit unique. We have two basic premises that we operate from. First we never produce a litter without keeping a puppy for ourselves. So by doing this we are taking same "risk" possibly an even greater one than you. We will put a great deal of time, money and effort in hopes that our baby grows up to be a quality for showing and breeding. Second we place all our puppies in pet/companion homes only. We do not sell to show homes or breeding homes. We feel that pet homes provide the absolute best possible situation for our dogs.

All of our breedings are done with great care, thought and effort. We breed only the best of the best to the best. Our main concerns when breeding are first and foremost correct temperment, then health (all health issues not just basic clearnaces), longevity, and athleticism.

With that all said, as far as health guarantees. We do everything possible to insure that our puppies are healthy, long lived individuals. Remember we too are keeping one of these babies. That said, as with human children there are no real guarantees that your child will be born healthy. If we can't do that with our children how can we do that with our dogs. 40 years of breeding has shown us this. So we offer a basic health warrenty, as well as hip and eyes. All our puppies are checked by a veterninarian before heading to their new homes.

2017/Crystal Glen