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Occasionally, very occasionally we have a young to middle aged adult available to just the right home. So we begin a search to find the right match for these special dogs. The search is usually extensive. We are in no hurry to place this fine adults into a new home. We want to find just the right home for these special dogs.

We are not getting rid of these dogs. They are valuable members of our household. They were born and raised here with the purpose of improving our breeding program. They have had an incredible amount of time and energy put into them up to this point. Most have had careers, competing in the conformation ring, or obedience and rally, or agility. Many have earned titles in those venues and many have helped our breeding program continue. They are special and incredibly valuable to us.

So you might ask why then would we be looking to place them? We would be selfish to keep every dog we have ever raised and shown. They have given us so much that we feel they deserve a proper retirement. A household where they are the only dog or one of two dogs. We want them to be the king or queen of the household.


Adoption Requirements

If you are looking to "rescue" a dog stop reading

if you want an outstanding adult continue


We are looking for a home that has the wherewithal to give our dogs a special place. We have had numerous parties that adopt only our adults, because of the amount of effort we put into these dogs. They realize they are getting the absolute perfect trained companion. Because of all of this this these dogs have VALUE. They are not kennel dogs that have never had anything done with them except to live in a kennel. They are not dogs that have problems that we just want to get rid of them. They are part of our family.They are house dogs that have had a world of experiences to make the outstanding good citizens.

And because of all the above their cost is much more than a puppy. We live in a society where older dogs are gotten rid of, no longer wanted, without value, leaving their new owners to feel good about themselves for rescuing a dog. This is not the case here at Crystal Glen. We have put our heart and souls into all of our dogs and we want to place them in the best situation possible. That is the most important thing. But we also know how much it costs to raise a dog in this manner to this point in it's life.

Training, socialization, house manners and house breaking are very valuable commodities.

Although it may seem like a great deal of money consider this: If you buy a pup you will spend x amount of dollars for the initial purchase, then you will spend approximately $500.00 for basic shots and check ups. You will pay another $400-600 to have that animal spayed or neutered, you will pay $130-1800 for basic training. So by the time the pup is just 6 months old your investment beyond the initial cost is quite substantial.

When you get an adult from us we have done all of that for you, the training, housebreaking, socialization, the shots, the spaying or neutering. Their price reflects this time and effort. The cost of a young adult ranges between $3500.00 - 5000.00 depending on their age and amount of training.
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