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Young Adults:
why the are available in the first place!
Occasionally we will have some young to middle aged adults available to the right party.  The young adults are generally our pick of the litter puppies that have not quite lived up to our strict standard of breeding.  So we begin a search to find the right match for these special young dogs. We also retire some of our older dogs to homes. These dogs are often Champions with obedience and agility trials who are the cream of the crop. We want them to have a very special life after they retire from the show ring and the breeding arena. The search for that right home is usually extensive.  We are in no hurry to place these fine animals into a new home.  It is the right home - the one that suits each dog the best that we are looking for.
We are not getting rid of these dogs.   They are valuable members of our household who were born and raised here with the purpose of becoming a show dog and a breeding prospect.  They have had an incredible amount of time and energy put into them up to this point.  We have set our standards high, not all puppy prospects turn into breedable adults.  But we want to offer these young dogs a chance at being someone's special companion.  A household where they are the only dog, and the king or queen of the their domain.


Adoption requirements

If you are looking for the "perfect" dog, keep reading. 

If you want to "rescue" a dog there are many organizations who do that.

It is not often that we have a young adult, (under 3 years) available for sale. We are fortunate enough  that most of our puppy prospects turn out to be the adults we had hoped for.  But, as stated, occasionally it simply doesn't work.  When that occurs we offer these young adults for sale.

As with the young adults, occasionally we have a middle aged adult that we want to retire to a special home. It is always hard to place any dog that has lived with you for a considerable amount of time, be it 2 years or 6. But the longer they spend with you and the more they have done for us, the more obligated we feel for finding just the right party for them to spend the rest of their days with.

Please remember that these young animals have had complete training, their shots are current, they have or will be spayed/neutered, they are housebroken, crate broken and trained to travel in the car.  They have had a wealth of experience, attending puppy classes, daycare, traveling to and showing at dog shows.  They are house dogs.  They spend time everyday and sleep in my house.

Because of all of this they have VALUE.  They are not kennel dogs that have never had anything done with them except to live in a kennel.  They are not dogs that have problems that we just want to get rid of them.  They are part of our family.  They have been raised and trained as one of my own.  They have attended puppy training classes, they have gone to daycare, they have traveled to dog shows, most have been shown.  They are highly trained individuals that have been my companions and have lived in my house with me.

And because of all the above their value or cost is much more than a puppy.  We live in a society where older dogs are gotten rid of, no longer wanted, without value, leaving their new owners to feel good about themselves for rescuing a dog.  This is not the case here at Crystal Glen.  We have put our heart and souls into all of our dogs and we want to place them in the best situation possible.  That is the most important thing.  But we also know how much it costs to raise a dog in this manner to this point in it's life. 

Training, socialization, house manners and house breaking are very valuable commodities.

Although it may seem like a great deal of money consider this:  If you buy a pup you will spend x amount of dollars for the initial purchase, then you will spend approximately $200.00 for basic shots and check ups.  You will pay another $200-400 to have that animal spayed or neutered, you will pay $up to $800.00 for basic training.  So by the time the pup is just 6 months old your investment is quite substantial, anywhere from $2000.00 - 2800.00

When you get an adult from us we have done all of that for you, the training, housebreaking, socialization, the shots, the spaying or neutering. Their price reflects this time and effort. The cost of a young adult ranges between $250.00 - $3500.00 depending on their age and amount of training.

Food for thought:

Price of Companionship:

how much is it worth to you?

Trip to the vet:

That special tug-toy

LL. Bean's deluxe dog bed:

Greeted every day with a smile and a wagging tail

In reality, if you amortize the cost of your faithful companion over it's lifetime it comes to about a can of soda per day!










Trial basis:

But they are not puppies, they have set personalities that are not going to be molded or changed.  So, all CG adults are placed in homes on a one month trial basis.  That gives both parties time to see if it is going to work.  Does this individual fit your lifestyle and home environment.  If it doesn't work that the dog is simply returned.

If after the one month trial the dog is working out well then the sale is finalized and you have a CG Golden Retriever in your home!


Additional options:

Purchase a Crystal Glen puppy and have it attend our Puppy In-Board training program!
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