Our most recently available dog for co-ownership April, found herself a wonderful new home. Phil and Kim Garver are just a delight.

April has fallen in love with them, and they with her. A better match we could not have found!


Crystal Glen Timeless Teasure"April" - has settled in to her new home with Phil and Kim Garver.

"April seems to be doing quite well. She is really enjoying her walks every day and running in the open field up by the elementary school.

We got a few inches of snow the other day, and you're right, she really did enjoy that.

Phil Garver, Denver

Check back in the Summer, we might have a dog availalbe for co-ownership!



Why do we occasionally co own one of our breeding animals?

There are numerous reason that I will decide to go this route. Usually it is to offer the best of both worlds. With our commercial kennel license I can keep as many dogs as I can afford. And even though I have a staff that helps me keep all of my animals in good condition with proper exercise, grooming and attention, I don't feel that we can do justice to more dogs than my limit of 8-12. It is important to me that all the dogs I have can be housedogs and have the correct amount of attention given to each dog. So occasionally I find a home that will co own a Golden Retriever that I want to use in my breeding program. This allows me to keep that outstanding individual in my breeding program without it living here at Crystal Glen. This in turn benefits my long term breeding plans.

But the dog is the most important consideration in this equation. By placing it in a home I am giving the dog the opportunity to grow and thrive in an environment where it is the "king" or "queen" of the household. Now it can be the center of attention and not have to compete for that individual attention.

For the new owner they are getting the best. They are getting one of my top dogs, often these dogs have competed successfully in the show ring and are Champions as well as having earned obedience/agility/or field titles. Like my other adults that I place these individuals have had our best effort put into them. They are socialized, trained, traveled and pampered.

After an individual has been bred the stated number of times in the co ownership contract, the dog's sole ownership is then turned over to it's "new" owner and they take sole possession of the dog. At this time the dog is usually spayed or neutered and it can spend the rest of it's natural life with a wonderful family.

***This is very important: If you are interested in joining our co ownership program, you must understand that I have every intention of breeding this dog. So for a female, that means she will be away from home for the breeding which will be approximately two weeks and she will be in all probability away from you while she whelps and raises her pups, about 6-8 weeks! This is a big commitment so look at it that way. However, if you want a well-trained sweet adult dog and are willing to help me out with my breeding program this just might be for you!


Hope moved in with her new dad, Jack Bubany and golden friend Lilly in Sept. of this year. The trio is doing great once the "who gets to eat out of who's bowl" was worked out to everyone's satisfaction! Hope will be bred late in the Spring or early Summer 2005 (see Pups), after that she will be spayed and live out her life with Jack in the lap of luxury in Boulder, CO


Am/Can. Ch. Crystal Glen's Worth Waiting For, Am. CD


Isis is so happy! She found just the right home! There is a new dad, Len Tyrone, and a niece Nellie, to play with all day long. Both girls get to go the work with Len, and hike the trails in Boulder, CO on the weekends. It is just divine!

If all goes as planned Isis will be having babies in the next year or so. Stay tuned!

Crystal Glens Step Back In Time




Janne (yani) found a wonderful new home in the blink of an eye!
This lucky girl is now enjoying the company of the
Devlin's of Erie, CO

New owners Zgabay ("Skyby") have fallen head over heels in love with our Blue. 


Other co owners over the years:

The Aspholm's                           Gracie
The Witzler's                              Emma and Dillon
Lucy Vondracek                         Cody, Noel, Hunter, Makayla, Amelia
The O'Hair's                               Joey
Becky Shiflea                             Chinook
Phil Pitz Jr.                                Nathan
Jenny Wehiniger                        Scottie

... and a host of others