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Peri Fucetola

What we are about: Check out Philosopy to get a true understanding of our breeding program.

Price: Do to the dedication, the effort put forth with each breeding, the fact that our Golden Retrievers have accomplished more than any other in the Rocky Mountain region. And that 90% of my clients become repeat owners - all of this speaks volumes and is reflected in the price of the pup.

Expectations: I expect my puppies to be part of the family.  Spending time with the family on a daily basis, not just put out in the backyard as a lawn ornament. The dog needs to have a confined area, yard, electric fence, run etc.; where it can be safely and properly housed out of doors. The puppies must be trained so that they are good members of their families. (See below) Spaying/neutering is also required. 

Puppy Lists: My pet/companion/therapy quality pups are sold on a first come first serve basis.  This is decided by deposit, who ever puts their deposit down first gets first pick of the pet pups from a litter.  The deposit required is a non-refundable $200.00. A deposit is accepted after we have a chance to meet. 

Training: Is a must. If you need help wehave that option available at  Crystal Glen . See Puppy Training. If you prefer we can work with your pup or young dog when it is older if that is what you wish.  

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