Peri Fucetola

What we are about: Check out Philosopy button to get a true understanding of our breeding program.

Price: Do to the dedication, the effort put forth with each breeding, the fact that our Golden Retrievers have accomplished more than any other in the Rocky Mountain region. And that 90% of my clients become repeat owners - all of this speaks volumes and is reflected in the price of the pup.

Expectations: Since I am breeding for myself, I sell most of my other puppies to pet/companion homes.  They are generally the kind of people that I am looking for.  I do require that all the puppies I sell are spayed or neutered.  I expect my puppies to be part of the family.  Spending time with the family on a daily basis, not just put out in the backyard as a lawn ornament. The dog needs to have a confined area, yard, electric fence, run etc.; where it can be safely and properly housed out of doors. The puppies need to be trained so that they are good members of their families.  Training can be done through me or some other facility.(See below) We also have a boarding and grooming facility  (Kennel)  to help you with your dog throughout its life time. 

Puppy Lists: My pet/companion/therapy quality pups are sold on a first come first serve basis.  This is decided by deposit, who ever puts their deposit down first gets first pick of the pet pups.  The deposit required is a non-refundable $200.00 Besides spay/neuter contracts as mentioned they are also sold on limited AKC registration.  If you live within a reasonable distance of my kennel, then a deposit will only be accepted after we meet.  If you live out-of-state than a phone interview is conducted.

Training: For the prospective buyer who would like or need help training their puppy, we have that option available at  Crystal Glen  Your new puppy can stay with us for one, two, three or more months for training. We help you get your puppy started right with our kindergartner training.  Which includes basic obedience of sit, stay, down, come, not to bolt out of doors or gates, walking on a leash, as well as basic house manners and house and crate training. See Puppy Training. If you prefer we can work with your pup or young dog when it is older if that is what you wish.  

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