Where Magic Happens!

Ruby had 5 beautiful babies - June 16

All spoken for!

Vodka has been bred, waiting with crossed fingers to find out if she is pregnant!

Moratorium on Deposits until we confirm Vodka's is pregnant and we know how many pups there are! Currently have 5 deposits.

INTERSTED: email: goldens@frii.com


Part the Seas

The Aussie - Hodge to The Party Girl - Vodka - bred mid-June.

A Winning Combination

A Gold Mine! 5 beautiful babies!

Rev to Ruby


Waiting in the Wings:

Breeding to take place Early and Late Fall

Pups going home end of 2017 -beginning of 2018

We are proud to announce that Troy's litter sister Helen will be coming to Crystal Glen to be bred. What an exciting opportunity!

Helen is due to be bred Sept./October

Interested: email goldens@frii.com


Taking a Chance - early Winter breeding:

The Grand Past - Cody to The Dynamic Present - Dice


2017/Crystal Glen