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Recent Success!


Was a good year on the puppy front! We had two outstanding litters from our 2 favorite girls: Sherbie and Zuzu.

Sherbie was bred to the wonderful Emmet - she had seven beautiful babies and the girl we kept is just spectacular - Pocket! Who along with her brother Lewis, whom we co-own with Gloria Millar are both already pointed in the conformation ring at the tender age of 13 months.

Zuzu tooks us back to our Golden Age - and was bred to our grand old man from the early '90's - Cody! She had 4 beautiful babies of which we have "kept" 2. We co-own both these babies - Twist with Chritine Robinson and Tully with are old friend Jane Marino.


Crystal Glens Pocket Full of Miracles


Crystal Glen's Totully Surprised


Crystal Glen Chantelle Envoy Of Miracles


Crystal Glen Surprised Ending






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