Goldens In Partnership

We don't do this alone!

With the help of some very wonderful people we are able to maintain our high standard of breeding. Joining into a partnership with Crystal Glen is mutually beneficial. New owners get the pick of the litter pup that is theirs to keep and cherish, and we have the opportunity to be able to breed that pup in the future.

These partnerships with Crystal Glen enable us to keep our viable breeding program alive. Allowing us to produce the very best Golden Retrievers.

Interested in joining our family?



Decker and Erin


Anne Shannon & Erik Foster

Bristol and Symee

co-owner: Deb Lewis

Tito: co-owner SuAn Schreuder
Rhea and Eva: Brittany Pocotte
Bryce: Kim Crawford
Billee and Pepper: Micki McMillian
Twist: Chris Robinson
Tully : Jane Marino
Zuni: Dottie Fucetola
Savvy: Hayley Stevens


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