One of my all time favorite girls showed just how special she is on a wintry day in Nov. 2004 in Oklahoma. At the Golden Retriever Specialty Brie, Crystal Glens Out And About, became a Champion in the conformation ring, an incredible 5 point win. To top that off she also competed in the obedience ring on the same day garnering her second "leg" towards her Companion Dog degree with a 3rd Place. Her willingness to please is one of her outstanding attributes. She will always have a "special" place in my heart for that willingness.



To top all this off, Brie is a wonderful mom, check out her babies on our Upcoming Litter Page!




These girls have been hot since the Fall of last year. Makayla came out of retirement at 8 1/2 years, and blasted her way through the Novice Preferred classes, finishing both of her titles Jumpers With Weaves and Standard in no time flat.

Skyler fleet of foot at age 6, placed first 6 times in a row in the Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred and Novice Jumpers with Weaves classes. Her times were blazing, when this little girl is on she can keep up with the border collies. She has obtained one leg in her Open Standard class and will continue her "quick" work through the open standard and jumpers with weaves classes.

Our "Athlete of the Year", Fancy, this 8 year old phenom, streaked her way from Novice through Excellent in just a year! Completing all her titles in June with numerous first and second places. She will continue to compete now towards her Masters Title, where she has already obtained one of the ten qualifying performances she will need.


He is getting to be a "big" dog now and he can't wait to get back into the ring. He is ready to bust out! After a Puppy Best In Show in Canada and a Best in Sweepstakes in the US, he is ready to head back north this summer to get the one point he needs to obtain his Canadian Championship. Watch for updates this fall as his American career will get started in earnest.